Our Story

From the flea market to 4 locations in New Mexico and California.

The nitty gritty

It began in the early days of selling phone accessories consisting of leather cases and car chargers, to present time of designing and manufacturing our own Screen Protectors and Skinz as well as repairing devices of all makes and models.

We've always had a knack and a passion for repairing electronics. From the very early days of taking apart numerous consumer electronics such as mom's VCR (shhh don't tell mom) to building and racing Radio Controlled models and building and installing audio systems in high school. We have always stayed true to our passion and now, turned it into a business.

We would order screen protectors and protective wraps, however we sometimes couldn't find the models we wanted or even the quality our customers deserved. So we started making them ourselves, and now we design and manufacture our own line of protective laminates for personal electronic devices. We use premium 3m materials for our "military grade" polyurethane screen protectors, to our carbon fiber, wood grain and leather looking Skinz for the rest of the device.

And of course our bread and butter is device repairs. This has allowed us to evolve with the market to keep expanding the services our business offers our customers. We offer repairs ranging from charging issues to a broken screen, and everything in between.

We have recently partnered up with Jeff in San Diego for the Fashion Valley Mall location. We also partnered with Daniel for our sister store Tech Repairz located across from the University of New Mexico.

Wait and see what other great things the future has in store for us!

founded in a living room in 2012

Our store across university.

The guys installing the sign for the first store in San Diego, CA.